Movie as a Tool for Creation and Sustenance of Nigeria’s Positive Image: A Case Study of 93 Days


    Image matters whether it concerns a nation or an individual. The image of the Nigerian and the Nigerian nation in the media, both national and international, leaves so much to be desired. Daily, we are bombarded with negative stereotypes and images in the media: of Nigerian armed robbers in Dubai; Yahoo Yahoo and Yahoo plus experiments and; credit card fraudsters in the UK and other European nations. These images do not help in projecting the real potential and the endowments of the nation both in human terms and natural resources. This paper investigates the genuine practise and patterns of Nigerian workers, especially as it is represented in the Nollywood film "93 Days" which is a film that shows Nigeria in a positive light over an incident that was well handled by the Government. This, however, is one of the rare films that showed Nigeria in good light. There are many in Nollywood and even Hollywood that show the country in negative image such as District 9 and Shanty Town. This paper examines how films could be used as tools in creating and sustaining positive images for Nigeria and the Nigerian nation. It will also explore how, through the use of themes and characterisation, films can be used to create positive images for the nation. It will then suggest steps that could be taken to increase the number of Nollywood films that could help in rebranding the nation's image positively. Negative representation in Nollywood harms the country's reputation because there is no telling how far the films go. The theoretical framework for this paper is Jean-Louis Baudry's Apparatus theory. The theory avers that cinema (film) is ideological; its mechanics of representation are ideological because films are created to represent reality. It also adopts a literary method of analysis to answer the question posed on the reality of the effectiveness of the Nigerian sectors. From the analysis, the aplomb nature of the Nigerian health workers is revealed. In a period that is evidently challenging for everybody, especially health workers, outdid themselves and protected the people.

    Keywords: Apparatus theory, Image, Nollywood, Stereotypes, Yahoo plus, Yahoo-Yahoo


    author/ADEDINA, Femi. PhD

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 February 2024 |  Article 02