Plagiarism Policy

    The Tasambo Journal of Language, Literature, and Culture has "a Zero Tolerance to Plagiarism Policy."

    We want to emphasize the serious consequences of plagiarism, which is not acceptable in any shape or form by Tasambo JLLC. As we are in a technological era where plagiarism can be detected easily, we urge you to desist from plagiarism at all costs. Our Journal upholds high standards without compromising quality, and we will not hesitate to reject any article that contains plagiarism. However, the Tasambo JLLC should not be held responsible for any instance of plagiarism as contributors are fully responsible and expected to submit original and plagiarism-free manuscripts.

    We humbly advise contributors to kindly be cautious when citing or using other published works and ensure that they are properly acknowledging such sources. We also encourage contributors to use reputable plagiarism checkers to confirm that texts are plagiarism free before submission.

    Thank you for considering TJLLC as a potential publishing outlet, and we look forward to reading your original, high-quality work.


    The Editorial Team