A Preliminary Investigation into Select Khoekhoegowab Ethnonyms


    This article provides a preliminary investigation into the etymology of the Khoekhoegowab ethnonyms damara, nama, haiǁom, and ǂākhoe. It begins with a brief overview of the current nomenclature and literature in Khoekhoegowab studies, and includes relevant background information to provide context for the etymology. Despite the relative paucity of source materials, the article proposes that reliable etymologies of Khoekhoegowab ethnonyms can be achieved. Structural patterns are observable, even though only a limited number of examples were analyzed. Analysis of the etymology of ethnonyms can shed light on the historical background of a particular group, but further research into the proto-language is necessary to confirm etymologies with greater certainty.

    Keywords: damara, nama, haiǁom, ǂākhoe khoekhoe, etymology

    DOI:  www.doi.org/10.36349/tjllc.2023.v02i01.003

    author/Leigh S. Millward

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 May 2023 |  P. 18-26