Investigating the Hausa Students' Familiarity and Satisfaction with the Applicability and Efficiency of X-SAMPA for Transcribing African Languages


    This article investigates the applicability and efficiency of the X-SAMPA phonetic transcription system for African languages, with a particular focus on the Hausa language. The study aims to assess the familiarity and proficiency of final-year Hausa language students in using X-SAMPA to transcribe Hausa speech sounds accurately. Data for the study was collected through electronic questionnaires distributed to final-year Hausa language students at different universities in Nigeria. The study findings indicate that X-SAMPA is a valuable tool for transcribing the Hausa language, as it provides a standardized and simplified transcription system that can be used across different research works. However, many Hausa language students were unfamiliar with X-SAMPA and required more training to become proficient in its use. Lack of time and practice opportunities were identified as the primary barriers to learning X-SAMPA. The study concludes that X-SAMPA has the potential for wider usage in phonetic transcription of African languages, but more resources such as written or video tutorials and practice exercises are needed to help learners become proficient in its use. Based on the research findings, the article recommends organizing training workshops or courses to enhance the knowledge of Hausa language students interested in learning X-SAMPA.

    Keywords: X-SAMPA, IPA, TAM, transcription, an African language


    author/Muhammad A. UMAR

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 May 2023 |  P. 9-17