Dangantakar Aikin Fassara da Nazarin Bambancin Harsuna


    Translation and Contrastive Linguistics are considered near-distinct fields of study due to their varying objectives and perspectives. Contrastive Linguistics, focuses on differences between languages in terms of system and usage, while translation aims at rendering an interpretation, description, and/or explanation from one language to another. This article attempts to discuss an aspect of the relationship between the two fields. In the course, the article previews the historical perspectives of the two near but distinct fields of study. However, the article also identifies and discusses some conceptual approaches to the study of the two fields. Similarly, the article briefly highlights the major characteristics of the two fields in describing, explaining, and predicting linguistic features. Conclusively, the paper argues that while Translation Studies can be informed by Contrastive Linguistics in dealing with translation products and processes, on the other hand, Contrastive Linguistics can also be informed by Translation Studies when describing different languages.

    Keywords: Translation, Contrastive Linguistics, Contrastive Analysis

    DOI:  www.doi.org/10.36349/tjllc.2023.v02i01.013

    author/Yakasai, S.A. & Mukoshy, J.I.

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 May 2023 |  P. 107-112