Social and Emotional Influence of Hate-Related Speeches in Social Media on Intra-Muslims Conflict in Northern Nigeria: Implications for Conflict Resolution


    The study investigated the social and emotional influence of hate-related speeches, expressed on social media platforms on the intra-Muslims conflict in Northern Nigeria. The respondents of the study are northern Nigerians who are using Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. Out of 1435 social media users tracked for the study, only 336 respondents agreed to participate in the study. Therefore, they were selected using the accidental and purposeful sampling method. The respondents were reached through internet-based social media platforms. A 19 items questionnaire was used for both quantitative and qualitative data collection, through the online tracking. The study found some of the social and emotional influence of hate-related speeches on social media to include; the creation of disunity among Muslims, providing fertile ground for arguments, poor interpersonal relationships, frustration, provocation, and feeling of enmity among others. The study, therefore, suggested some recommendations as resolutions to the problems identified, which include; the establishment of a law that sanctions expressions that are related to intra-Muslims conflicts on social media, as well as advocacy by religious leaders on the use of relative words in social media posts and comments.

    Keywords: Social-Media, Hate Speech, Intra-Muslims Conflict, Conflict Resolution


    author/Prof. Umar Saje et al.

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 20 Dec. 2022 |  P. 75-85