Gudunmuwar Marubuta Waƙoƙin Hausa ga Sha’anin Zaman Lafiya


    The role of Hausa written poetry in the life of Hausa people can never be over-emphasized. Besides leisure, it gives courage, and determination, and leads to a better way of life. It touches almost all aspects of human endeavor, which includes culture, religion, politics, socialization, knowledge, economics, love of one another, peace and conflict resolution, among others. The aim of this paper is to analyze some Hausa written poetry as regards peace and conflict resolution and see how they contribute to drawing people’s attention and educating them on resolution, peacemaking and peacekeeping, and the effects of crisis according to the tradition of Hausa. Therefore, the paper will peep through some selected written verses that address peace and conflict resolution.

    Fitilun Kalmomi: Waƙoƙin Hausa, Zaman Lafiya, Adabi


    author/Dr. Musa Shehu

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 May 2023 |  P. 122-130