Nazarin Wasu Waibuwar Masunta


    Fishing has long been a revered traditional occupation within Hausa society, dating back to ancient times. This paper, titled "The Fishermen's Magic and Wonders," aims to analyze the magical and extraordinary practices exhibited by fishermen in Hausa society during traditional ceremonies, special occasions, or in times of dire predicament. Given the inherent risks and dangers associated with fishing, fishermen have historically sought precautions and protections against the hazards they encounter in rivers. This necessity has rendered them deeply knowledgeable and vigilant in all activities related to water. Additionally, they offer specialized treatments or remedies to individuals afflicted by waterborne diseases or injuries sustained from encounters with dangerous aquatic animals.


    author/Dr. Musa Shehu

    journal/Tasambo JLLC | 15 February 2024 |  Article 34